Students at the Zanesville Adventist School take part in a rigorous and engaging curriculum.  

We teach the same subjects that are taught in public schools, although students at ZAS also take part in daily worship and Bible classes. In fact, parents will find that developing Christian values and a Christian character is something that is woven throughout our school’s curriculum.

A student at Zanesville Adventist School will be instructed in the following areas of study: 

Language Arts

We teach an integrated Language Arts program that includes instruction in the skills of speaking, listening, reading, composition, handwriting, spelling, as well as knowledge and appreciation for literature and language.


Includes instruction in concepts, computation skills, and problem solving skills. 


We teach a curriculum that nurtures children's natural curiosity as they explore and build their knowledge in Life Science, Physical Science, Human Body and Health, and Earth and Space Science. 

Social Studies

Includes instruction in both American and world geography and history. It also includes the study of government, the contribution and appreciation for ethnic groups, and the students' rights, duties, and responsibilities as a citizen.


Includes instruction in computer usage, keyboarding, and ethics. Digital technologies also assist learners in thinking critically, communicating, collaborating, and creating in other areas of the curriculum.

Fine Arts

Includes instruction and participation in art and music aimed at developing aesthetic appreciation and skills of creative expression.

Physical Education

We help students to be fit to learn. The curriculum includes instruction and participation in fun games and activities designed to promote physical development, skills to maintain lifetime fitness, and good sportsmanship.


Using the Bible as a text book, students discover, inquire, learn, and experience Bible stories and spiritual truths.

Extra Activities

Our students participate in learning experiences outside of the classroom. Our students have an opportunity to take part in Outdoor Education camp, a Lego Robotics event, a school Christmas Play performance, a Geography Challenge, an annual Music Festival, as well as fun and educational field trips.